Convenience for the catering trade, retail and airline catering 
The MICROPAST® pasteurisation process opens up new opportunities for many sectors. The gentle preservation is ideal for high-quality convenience food in the sectors of retail, hotel and catering trade, health care, vending, catering, internet shopping, airline catering and junior food. 

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Conveniently ordered, delivered directly – no wonder that the purchase of convenience products on the web is becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, this requires up-to-date technology. With MICROPAST
®, fresh convenience products can be bought and marketed online that are free of contamination and top quality, due to the innovative packaging. The pack remains sealed until opened by the consumer and hence meets the highest hygiene standards.

chilled dishes have a shelf life of 30 days and are regenerated quickly and without complication. They are delivered in a chilled state to your home – MICROPAST® is thus your totally private chef.