Convenience for the catering trade, retail and airline catering 
The MICROPAST® pasteurisation process opens up new opportunities for many sectors. The gentle preservation is ideal for high-quality convenience food in the sectors of retail, hotel and catering trade, health care, vending, catering, internet shopping, airline catering and junior food. 

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Fresh convenience products only have a limited shelf life with traditional cook & chill. Cook & chill produced with MICROPAST
® has a shelf life of 1–2 months.

The benefits for you:

- Cost-affordable production in large-scale production sizes

- More time for logistics (distribution centre)

- Short-term and flexible in use

- Compliance with necessary food safety

® chilled convenience tradition is suitable for all traditional regeneration methods. Hence meals in the existing system can be heated by contact heat, convection heat or induction heat and distributed on dishes.