Convenience for the catering trade, retail and airline catering 
The MICROPAST® pasteurisation process opens up new opportunities for many sectors. The gentle preservation is ideal for high-quality convenience food in the sectors of retail, hotel and catering trade, health care, vending, catering, internet shopping, airline catering and junior food. 

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Frozen airline set meals are defrosted before the flight and heated in an oven at
160 °C. This is not always possible with changes in the flight plan. The meals must often then be regenerated in a frozen state, which has a negative impact on quality.

®, chilled on-board set meals are also now possible, thanks to the long shelf life of one month. The meals no longer need to be frozen and are merely chilled.
The pack remains sealed until opened by the consumer and hence meets the
highest hygiene standards, especially with kosher dishes.

Your benefits at a glance:

- Fresh top-quality convenience products

- Flexible in use (even in the case of flight delays or cancellations)

- Cost-conscious

® is thus the perfect solution for the needs of Airline Catering.